OUr Philosophy

We love technology. Used right, it lets us spend more time with our favorite people: our patients. GLO evaluates new technologies by their ability to solve two problems. Do they make life better for our patients? Can they make us greener?


Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays use less radiation as is, but ours actually calculates the minimum required for the specific person and image needed.


High Accuracy Digital Impressions

We're relegating the old mouthful of goop impressions in the past. Our new Itero Scanner makes a highly accurate 3D model of your mouth in just a few minutes.


Accelerated Treatment

We're excited to partner with Acceledent to shorten treatment time by as much as 50%.


Invisible Braces

GLO has treated hundreds of Invisalign cases and is quickly becoming one of Seattle's leading Invisalign providers.


Patient Convenience

In our waiting room, you'll find complimentary power adapters for nearly every type of device. If you need a little top-off, help yourself! High speed wifi is, of course, available to keep you entertained. We also have a handful of Kindle Fires laying around with the latest magazines. We'll send your appointment reminders however you'd like- email, sms, or even the old fashioned way: by phone.


Keeping it Green

Nearly every light in GLO is a high efficiency LED light. We're almost entirely paperless. Our computers all have ultra-low power LED screens. These are just a few little ways we're helping make the world a better place.