We all need positive reinforcement


You’ll be much happier with your treatment if you follow our instructions. So to make things fun, we’ve got a pretty cool incentive program.

We have three levels of rewards- Basic, Rockstar, and VIP. Each level carries it's own set of benefits, like more entries in our monthly drawings, more free coffee & cookies, free tooth whitening kits, and few other great benefits.

You achieve new levels by earning more points. You earn more points by doing things like keeping your teeth clean, referring friends, wearing GLO clothing to your appointments, and participating in GLOfit.

GLOfit is where it really gets exciting.

We want to see everyone come out of treatment with a healthy smile and a healthy life. For 18-24 months, we see you every 6-8 weeks. It's the perfect opportunity to cement new healthy habits or get rewarded for an already healthy lifestyle. Enter GLOfit.

Patients 10 years of age or older who are pursuing comprehensive treatment can elect to participate and in return get a free Fitbit© activity tracker. At each appointment, you show us your activity points for the last 30 days and we'll give you more points to help you get to the next rewards level. Be more active, get more points. It's a healthy equation!