Better Living Through Technology

Technology continues to offer us new ways to make braces even less obtrusive. If you've been holding off on getting braces because of the dreaded "brace-face," you should come chat with us. Dr. Sara offers three types of treatment that can give you great results and keep your treatment low profile.



Invisalign and a few similar technologies use clear retainers to slowly move your teeth - generally without brackets. You wear the retainers day and night and change retainers every 2 weeks. For many cases, Invisalign is a great option.


Ceramic Brackets

If you're not a candidate for Invisalign or don't want the responsibility of having aligners, we can look at ceramic brackets. These relative newcomers get the same results as classic metal brackets but are clear and thus much less obtrusive.


Why see an Orthodontist?

These days it seems as though you can get Invisalign from just about anyone, so why see an orthodontist? Dr. Sara spent an additional 3 years after dental school learning the details of how teeth move. While Invisalign is an amazing new technology, sometimes you need tools beyond Invisalign to get the outcome you want. Dr. Sara can combine specialized treatment types to get you the best results.